Techno Vector 7 – T 7204 T A – Alignment Machine

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TechnoVector 3D is a new generation of wheel aligners that includes all the latest innovations and technologies.


Machine vision system includes 2 or 4 cameras.

The key advantage is the WideScope technology which is unique in the world.

Thanks to WideScope the operational range of the heights f the lift is twice as big as that of similar wheel aligners produced by other manufacturers.

Measurements can be performed at the floor level*.

Techno Vector 3D wheel aligners are designed to take measurements and make adjustments on steerable and unsteerable axles of cars and can be installed in automotive companies, tire shops, car service stations, automotive manufacturing plants, diagnostic centers.

The wheel aligner performs measurements by observing high-precision image targets, that are placed on the vehicle. It calculates their precise positions in 3D space and using simple procedures, such as compensation and measurement, calculates all the wheel alignment angles.

* – When installed on a lift applies only for 4-camera wheel aligners when installed at a

    1. Computer console:
      • ergonomic operating control panel;
      • color inkjet printer;
      • full-size keyboard;
      • mouse;
      • membrane keyboard duplicating main functional keys*;
      • remote control receiver;
      • 21.5″ color widescreen LCD monitor;
      • TechnoVector 3D software.

* – V-series of computer cabinets only

2. Self-centering clamping arms:

    • Self-centering clamping arms fit 12″ to 24″ rims and are compatible with motor car rims and light truck rims.

3. Targets:

    • Do not contain any electronic components;
    • High-quality photomasked images to maximize the wheel aligners precision;
    • Surfaces are covered with a protective oil-and-petrol resistant layer;
    • Very durable and impact-resistant housing.

4. Machine vision system:

    • Different versions of housings allow to choose a wheel alignment system configuration to match with customers requirements;
    • Floor-mount and wall-mount configurations are available;
    • Drivethrough can be set up for floor-mount aligners;
    • The machine vision system is equipped with precision LAN camera units based on big and high-quality image sensors;
    • Data transfer from the camera units to the PC uses a standard TCP/IP protocol. This allows to use both wired and WiFi camera configurations with ease;
    • WideScope – a unique “wide-angle” machine vision system makes it possible to increase the range of working heights to twice as much compared to similar wheel aligners of other manufacturers.

5. Techno Vector 3D software:

    • Supports Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 10;
    • The 3D model of the car chassis allows you to see position and wheel alignment angles on the screen in real-time;
    • User friendly interface and advanced Help and Support System allow even novices to learn how to use the wheel aligner quickly and to start working.



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