Ranger R980AT + LS43B + Weights (1) R980AT + (1) LS43B + (1) Tape Weight Rolls (Black & Silver 1,400 Pc.)

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Have your shop running at peak efficiency with this high-quality package from Ranger. With it you’ll be able to service wheels more efficiently than ever before. Included in this package deal is the R980AT tire changer, the LS43B wheel balancer, and Quick-Peel™ adhesive steel wheel weights.

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With the R980AT, you’ll manage to save a substantial amount of space, making it ideal for small and cramped tire shops. You can keep this tire changer flush against the wall thanks to its swing-arm design and the fact that it doesn’t tilt back. The R980AT is also sporting a 30” clamping ability.

One of the most useful features of the tire changer is its swing-arm. When you’re dealing with run-flats and stubborn beads, the power assist tower will safely secure the edge of the tire, moving along with the activated turntable. The bead will almost always seat without any issues. Give this a shot on a stubborn bead without the swing-arm, and you’ll be at it for a good while. Save time and money with the R980AT.

An electric turntable will efficiently spin tires to seat or remove beads. With reverse-direction foot pedal controls you’ll be in total control of your tire changing operations. The turntable is the only electrical component in the tire changer (everything else is air-powered), and it requires little to no support or maintenance over time.

Tough sidewalls causing issues? Not anymore. A traveling drop-center tool makes changing tires as easy as can be. Ranger tire changers offer increased safety and efficiency, and the drop-center tool is necessary to the whole operation. A swing-in disc can also help loosen beads by using safe pneumatic power which won’t accidentally damage your tires.

Ranger doesn’t cut corners. They feature rugged copper rotor construction, high-quality bearing, thermal-cool epoxy insulation, and durable rolled steel frames. Not only that, but you’ll be able to enjoy hands-free operation of the turntable thanks to the foot pedal controls. All pneumatic locks and switches are easy to reach.

To ensure that you’re working in a low-friction environment, steel and aluminum cylinders work together to reduce machine vibrations. End-of-stroke cushioning will protect seals, wear bands, and piston bands from excessive forces, which end up extending the life of the tire changer.

The bead-breaker’s speed is significantly increased due to Ranger’s included bilateral pneumatic accelerators. They’re just as effective when their working in reverse. The cylinder won’t react if moisture is detected in the air. This removes any chance of rust or corrosion due to condensation or extreme humidity. It comes with a multi-axis, adjustable blade which permits multi-angle tire capacity, while the large, dual-flange axle keeps the blade from flexing or failing.

The equi-dimensional shape of the hardened steel mount/demount head allows you to switch functions without needing to move the tool. The amazingly smooth surface gently glides tire beads during mounting/demounting while preventing expensive tire damage. Additionally, this tire changer comes standard with a nylon tool head. This sturdy tool will take care of your customer’s expensive alloy rims and wheels from marring or damage when mounting.

This tire changer features industrial-grade, 45-micron, pneumatic control valves which feature die cast and machined bodies which are constructed from both zinc and aluminum. High-performance polyurethane seals and self-lubricating Teflon® piston guides help make your tire changer stronger and longer lasting. Valve plungers feature muffled extrication ports which blow away dirt and other contaminants each time the valve goes into the release position.


The LS43B offers supreme speed and amazing accuracy. It can handle wheels up to 43 inches in diameter. In fact, the average cycle time is just 7 seconds, making this one of the fastest floor-to-floor balancing machines that has ever been built. Ranger’s 3D Auto Data Entry system combines with DataWand™ and Quick-Touch Data Arm™ which will allow you to automatically enter all wheel parameter settings in mere seconds.

Laser balancers are increasingly being used in high-volume shops since they eliminate second-guessing and speed up weight placements. This means that the balance check you perform after placing inboard and outboard weights will almost always be clean. The fewer weights you use, the more your bottom line will increase. Not only that, but your customers will love the long-lasting balances that make their rides feel like new again.

When ALU modes are selected and stick-on weights are desired, an instinctive laser will mark the low-side of the wheel at the 6-o’-clock position, making stick-on weight placement and installation a breeze. Once it’s time for the clip-on weights, the intuitive data control will automatically sense that the topside weight position is desired and pinpoints the laser at precisely 12-o’-clock. Laser-Spot™ weight-positioning lasers provide greater weight placement accuracy while helping reduce mistakes. More single-spin balances and fewer customer comebacks will increase productivity and profits. It doesn’t get easier than this.

Ranger’s Digital Sensor Technology is highly accurate and features a 16-digital signal processor and single-chip technology which will increase productivity. It also offers unprecedented speed and accuracy, especially during the sophisticated balance and weight placement techniques which are required for new high-tech OEM and aftermarket wheels.

Once you lower the spacious wheel hood, the LS43B laser balancer spins into action, delivering precise outboard and inboard weight placements in mere seconds. You’ll be able to choose the option that best suits your specific wheel profile, such as static, dynamic, and ALU weight placements.

After a quick spin of the wheel, a dual-plane automatic electromagnetic braking system automatically slows, stops, and holds the wheel in the correct position, which then eliminates the need for a foot-activated brake with wheel-holding pedals. Your technicians will be able to move freely without restraints when placing weights on both the inner and outer faces of the wheel. At the exact moment the brake is engaged, dual Laser-Spot™ lasers come to life and will pinpoint exactly where either the stick-on or clip-on wheel weights should be fastened. A bright, wide LED beam is activated at the precise moment the balancer brake engages. The LED assist light, dual lasers, and auto brake will all remain active until the stop button is manually pressed.

The LS43B comes equipped with extremely precise, dual-component, piezoelectric quartz load sensors combined with a single digital rotation encoder which together can measure the longitudinal, transversal, and shear effects for multi-directional force unbalance detection.

The LS43B laser wheel balancer sports a computer interface with weight optimization technology which automatically calculate the minimum amount of weight needed to achieve optimal balance. Minimizing weight usage at your shop is sure to add up to significant savings over time, dramatically increasing your bottom line.

There are bright LED weight placement indicators which show weight positions as the wheel is gently rolled to exact top-dead-center. Tiered weight placement indicators help identify out-of-sight weight placements, including split-weight or hidden “behind-the-spoke” techniques. Indicators will end up assisting operators with clip-on and tape weight placement at precise locations for zero-on balancing.

Tape Weight Rolls

Ranger’s Stick-On-Steel weights offer an incredible fit, as well as a reliable and cost-effective choice. Their weights are designed to be corrosion resistant and have little impact on the environment. Show your customers that you’re working with quality by using an adhesive that is extra-sticky, lessening the chance of it becoming loose and falling off the wheel.

Ranger’s .25 oz. wheel weights are perfectly sized, and they’re weighted for most wheel balancing applications. If you pair them with a Ranger wheel balancer, you’ll never use more weight than necessary for a job. Their adhesive is extra-sticky, which lessens the chance of the weight falling off the wheel, and it’ll improve your level of customer service. Customers will know the quality difference once they’re being serviced with high-quality wheel weights.

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