Ranger R980AT + DST30P + Weights (1) R980AT + (1) DST30P + (1) Tape Weight Rolls (Black & Silver 1,400 Pc.)

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R980AT + DST30P + Weights (1) R980AT + (1) DST30P + (1) TAPE WEIGHT ROLLS (BLACK & SILVER 1,400 PC.)
Have your shop running at peak efficiency with this high-quality package from Ranger. With it you’ll be able to service wheels more efficiently than ever before. Included in this package deal is the R980AT tire changer, the DST30P wheel balancer, and Quick-Peel™ adhesive steel wheel weights.

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With the R980AT, you’ll manage to save a substantial amount of space, making it ideal for small and cramped tire shops. You can keep this tire changer flush against the wall thanks to its swing-arm design and the fact that it doesn’t tilt back. The R980AT is also sporting a 30” clamping ability. It also features a high-torque electric turntable which will efficiently spin tires to seat or remove beads.

One of the most useful features of this tire changer is its swing-arm. When you’re dealing with run-flats and stubborn beads, the power assist tower will safely secure the edge of the tire, moving along with the activated turntable. The bead will almost always seat without any issues. Give this a shot on a stubborn bead without the swing-arm, and you’ll be at it for a good while. Save time and money with the R980AT.

An electric turntable will efficiently spin tires to seat or remove beads. With reverse-direction foot pedal controls, you’ll be in total control of your tire changing operation. The turntable is the only electrical component in the tire changer (everything else is air-powered), and it requires virtually no support or maintenance over time.

Ranger motors does not cut corners. They feature rugged copper rotor construction, high-quality bearings, thermal-cool epoxy insulation, and durable rolled steel frames.

The DST30P is capable of accurately and efficiently calibrating wheel and tire configurations. This wheel balancer can easily handle wheels up to 30” in diameter. The DST30P utilizes its Direct-Axis drive system to help keep it running smoothly over time. It features a single belt which connects the motor and unbalance sensor, thereby eliminating most maintenance costs during your wheel balancer’s many years of service. The highly visible LED displays show you exactly where to place the weights in seconds flat. The indicators let you see weight positions when the mounted wheel is rolled top-dead-center.

The Direct-Axis drive system helps ensure that the DST30P keeps running smoothly over time. A single belt connects the motor and unbalance sensor, which eliminates most maintenance costs during your wheel balancer’s many years of service.

Dual-component piezoelectric quartz load sensors and a digital rotation encoder measure longitudinal, transversal, and shear effects for multi-directional force unbalance detection. The piezoelectric force sensors are some of the most sensitive that Ranger has ever developed, and they offer superior stability and fatigue resistance for unlimited service life with your wheel balancer. High-rigidity quartz crystal sensors offer high frequency detection in all three measured directions.

You’ll be able to work on essentially all wheel types since you’ll have a diverse arrangement of hardened-steel mounting cones. Some wheel types you can get to work on include most light trucks and SUVs. A rubber “quick-nut” bell adapter, with a non-marring rear cone mount pressure cup, holds mounted wheels securely in place, and is sure to not accidentally damage tires or wheels during balancing procedures.

Tape Weight Rolls
Ranger’s Stick-On-Steel weights offer an incredible fit, as well as a reliable and cost-effective choice. Their weights are designed to be corrosion resistant and have little impact on the environment. Show your customers that you’re working with quality by using an adhesive that is extra-sticky, lessening the chance of it becoming loose and falling off the wheel.

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