R980AT Tire Changer / Swing Arm / Single-Tower Assist / 30″ Capacity

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The R980AT is a tire changer that saves a considerable amount of space, making it perfect for small or cramped tire shops. Since it utilizes a swing-arm design and doesn’t tilt back, it can be installed flush against the wall. The assist tower will help with stiffer sidewalls, run flats, and other low-profile tires. It also has a clamping ability of 30”.

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Power Assist Perfection + Tire Changer Protection

Ranger’s R980AT is the perfect choice when you need a tire changer that can handle essentially all commuter and passenger vehicles, including pick-up trucks and race cars. It comes equipped with an assist tower that will help you unseat stiff, low-profile tire beads and run flats. A centering cone holds the bead in the drop-center, further helping protect the tire during external clamping procedures. Because this tire changer can accommodate a wide range of tire-and-wheel combinations, it is a perfect addition to any full-service bays and general tire shops.

Power assist tower

One of the most useful features of the tire changer is its swing-arm. When you’re dealing with run-flats and stubborn beads, the power assist tower will safely secure the edge of the tire, moving along with the activated turntable. The bead will almost always seat without any issues. Give this a shot on a stubborn bead without the swing-arm, and you’ll be at it for a good while. Save time and money with the R980AT.

Electric turntable

An electric turntable will efficiently spin tires to seat or remove beads. With reverse-direction foot pedal controls, you’ll be in total control of your tire changing operation. The turntable is the only electrical component in the tire changer (everything else is air-powered), and it requires little to no support or maintenance over time.

Traveling drop-center top-mount helper / swing-in bottom helper disc

Tough sidewalls giving you problems? Not anymore. A traveling drop-center tool makes changing tires as easy as can be. Ranger tire changers offer increased safety and efficiency, and the drop-center tool is necessary to the whole operation. A swing-in disc can also help loosen beads by using safe pneumatic power that won’t accidentally damage your tires.

110V “L-Model” Available Now

If you consider yourself a wrencher, the R980AT L-Model tire changer is your ideal choice. This setup is compatible with a common 110V power source, enabling you to handle tire changes right in the comfort of your own space. With the R980AT L-Model by Ranger, you take the reins, freeing yourself from the constraints of others’ schedules. To get yours, give us a call at 800-261-7729.

Updated electric motor

Ranger motors does not cut corners. They feature rugged copper rotor construction, high-quality bearings, thermal-cool epoxy insulation, and durable rolled steel frames.

Upfront controls

Enjoy hands-free operation of the turntable thanks to the foot pedal controls. All pneumatic locks and switches are easy to reach.

Stainless steel and aluminum pneumatic cylinders

To make sure you have a low-friction environment, steel and aluminum cylinders work together to reduce machine vibrations. End-of-stroke cushioning will protect seals, wear bands, and piston bands from excessive forces, which end up extending the life of the tire changer.

Balanced flywheel

Balanced flywheels are also there to help reduce vibrations in your equipment. The less stress you have on your machine, the longer it’ll last.

Bead-breaker design

The bead-breaker’s speed is significantly increased due to Ranger’s included bilateral pneumatic accelerators. They are just as effective when they’re working in reverse. The cylinder wont’ react if moisture is detected in the air. This removes any chance of rust or corrosion due to condensation or extreme humidity. It comes with a multi-axis, adjustable blade which permits multi-angle tire capacity, while the large, dual-flange axle keeps the blade from flexing or failing.

Enhanced bead-breaker blade

Your Ranger tire changer comes equipped with a powerful bead breaker blade that won’t stress the rest of the machine as it breaks beads, and then it’ll return smoothly when it detaches from the tire. This smooth return reduces shock loading and wear on the cylinders.

Multi-function mount and demount head

The equi-dimensional shape of the hardened steel mount/demount head allows you to switch functions without needing to move the tool. The amazingly smooth surface gently glides tire beads during mounting/demounting while preventing expensive tire damage. Additionally, this tire changer comes standard with a nylon tool head. This durable tool will protect your customer’s expensive alloy rims and wheels from marring or damage when mounting.

Pneumatic control valves

This tire changer features industrial-grade, 45-micron, pneumatic control valves which feature die cast and machined bodies which are constructed from both zinc and aluminum. High-performance polyurethane seals and self-lubricating Teflon® piston guides help make your tire changer stronger and longer lasting. Valve plungers feature muffled extrication ports that blow away dirt and other contaminants each time the valve goes into the release position.

Adjustable RimGuard™ wheel clamps

Ranger has their tire changers feature exclusive RimGuard™ wheel clamps come standard on the R980AT tire changer, and the gigantic turntable allows them to expand 30”. Dual multi-tooth jaw sets permit internal and external clamping, and the vertical-mount design which will reduce the time you spend on each tire.

Easier bead lubrication

The R980AT tire changer comes equipped with a geometric tabletop which makes bead lubrication fast and easy to inspect.

Simple foot-pedal control

You won’t find any heavy, rusted-out pedals here. These are forged steel and they’re long lasting. They’re also durable and lightweight and are resistant to corrosion. The snap-action pedal always return immediately to their starting positions when released. The pedal’s high responsiveness prevents tire tears as it speeds up operations. Multi-link rod connections support non-binding plunger movement and better bilateral control.

Pneumatic tubing

This tire changer comes loaded with high-pressure polyurethane tubing is outfitted with a seamless bore for better flow rates. The R980AT also benefits from high abrasion resistance, high burst tolerance and maximum kink resistance.

TurboBlast™ bead seating

Ranger’s TurboBlast™ bead seating system will shoot a burst of air between the tire and rim, thus seating beads quickly without doing any damage to the tire structure. For a more controlled air discharge, the system also includes a nylon discharge barrel with a contoured tab that locks against the rim.

Maintenance-free gearbox

This tire changer has a hands-free gearbox, which means it will never need maintenance. It also has a massive oil and grease reservoir which results in improved heat dissipation and component lubrication. Internal baffles and a constant seating stress flange gasket ensure you’ll have positive, leak-free venting. Ranger prefers to use precision helical gears in their tire changers instead of using loud, clunky spur gear transmissions.

Standard wheel service accessories

Get the most out of your tire changer purchase. Included with your purchase is a soap bucket and a brush, a plastic wheel protector kit with turntable jaw covers, bead-breaker blade boots, specialized mount/demount head covers, and a hardened steel tire iron and bead lever tool.

Sealed electrical components

None of the electrical terminals, auxiliary switches or motor enclosures are left unprotected. Dust and other shop contaminants are kept out as well. The internal cavity of this tire changer will always be clean, just another way Ranger tries to give you the most bang for your buck.

Advanced drive belt system

The R980AT included a drive belt which evenly disperses wear while improving belt support. Flex-bonded cords and flex-weave covers keep away oil, heat, and other contaminants which can end up threatening the efficiency of the machine.

Spring-assisted tool shaft

A 45mm spring-assisted hexagonal vertical tool shaft and a hardened-steel horizontal outrigger support arm work to ensure that the mount-demount tool head remains stable and precisely aimed.

Foot-controlled tire inflator

You’ll be able to inflate tires without lifting a finger. The tire changer features a sure-grip clip-on valve chuck on the inflation hose (for hands-free operation), and an air pressure dump valve allows you to easily release the air from the tire.

Motorcycle clamps (optional)

If you service motorcycles and are looking to expand your business, consider purchasing Ranger’s optional series of turntable clamps which have been specifically designed to handle motorcycle wheels and tires.

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