R76ATR Tire Changer / Tilt-back / Right-tower Single Assist / 30″ Capacity

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 Ranger’s R76ATR is a brilliant time saver. This tire changer features a tilt-back tower which allows you to operate different tire-and-wheel combos without adjusting the duck head. There is also a swing-arm design with tower assist which ensures stiff sidewalls are never a problem. RimGuard™ clamps are capable of extending 10”-30” for maximum versatility.
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Tilt-Tower Tire Changer Design with Power Assist

Ranger’s R76ATR comes equipped with everything you’ll need when it comes to keeping your tire repair business running smoothly. This tire changer is not only completely safe, but it’s also capable of quickly changing tires, including tricky aluminum wheels. The extraordinarily easy-to-use, adjustable RimGuard™ clamps extend as far as 10”-30”, and the tilt-back tower saves significant time when loading a new set of wheels. With this machine you won’t need to adjust the duck head to match each wheel’s diameter. The assist tower will help change low-profile and run-flats (anything with a stiff sidewall), and it holds the bead in the drop-center, protecting the tire. A centering cone further assists with external clamping, and a specialized saucer/roller combo offers even more defense when you’re dealing with stubborn beads.

Ranger’s most specialized, versatile tire changer

The ergonomic controls are conveniently placed to minimize excessive reaching, walking, or bending. All the time you end up saving will mean that you’ll be able to take on more jobs and increase your bottom line. The R76ATR includes other time-saving features such as a multi-profile traveling drop-center tool, top bead assist rollers, lower bead lifting disc, and a nylon non-marring wheel restraint device. Ranger designs their tire shop equipment to dramatically reduce effort, increase safety, and help minimize operator fatigue. A large 30” capacity turntable features adjustable, hardened-steel RimGuard™ wheel clamps. These clamps provide an internal clamping capacity of 9”-28” and external capacity of 10”-30”.

Electric turntable

The R76ATR comes equipped with a high-torque electric turntable drive which features increased speed and reversible direction for quicker tire removal and installation. The controlled speed gives low profile and run-flat beads time to relax. This ultimately reduces the risk of accidentally damaging a tire.

110V “L-Model” Available Now

If you consider yourself a wrencher, the R76ATR L-Model tire changer is your ideal choice. This setup is compatible with a common 110V power source, enabling you to handle tire changes right in the comfort of your own space. With the R76ATR L-Model by Ranger, you take the reins, freeing yourself from the constraints of others’ schedules. To get yours, give us a call at 800-261-7729.

Adjustable RimGuard™ wheel clamps

Ranger has included sturdy, adjustable RimGuard™ wheel clamps which are made from hardened steel and can accommodate wheels from 9” up to 30” and feature internal and external multi-teeth jaws with vertical mounting bolts that make replacement fast and simple.

Advanced clamp positioning

The versatile clamp positioning allows for improved control when you’re clamping wheels. All you need to do is position the clamps exactly where you need them within the entire clamping range.

Easier bead lubrication

A geometric tabletop makes bead lubrication easy. Operators will be able to visibly inspect the lower bead during tire mounting and inflation.

Bead-breaker design

The R76ATR is sporting a completely new and proprietary bead-breaker design which features bilateral pneumatic accelerators for super-fast bead-breaker speeds in both directions. A 100% stainless steel cylinder body means no more worrying about moisture contamination from corrosion. This tire changer also features a multi-axis, adjustable blade for multi-angle tire capacity, a large, dual-flange axle that virtually eliminates blade flex and premature failure, as well as adjustable blade settings that help accommodate a larger variety of tire and wheel combinations.

Enhanced bead-breaker ​blade

This tire changer is equipped with an enhanced bead-breaker blade which features rugged box frame construction which increases the mechanical strength, as well as service life and overall performance. A large rubber bump-stop ensures a smooth return to help reduce shock loading and minimize wear on the pneumatic, guides and associated moving parts.

Balanced flywheel

You won’t have to worry about vibration ruining your work. The balanced flywheel will reduce vibration as well as reduce stress on the machine as a whole. Essentially, well-balanced flywheels keep Ranger’s tire changers running smoothly for years of zero or low-maintenance operation.

Simple foot-pedal control

Ranger uses foot pedals that are made from forged steel that is durable enough for daily use in fast-paced shops and tire centers. It features a snap action spring return which offers extremely accurate and safe operation, while the foot-pedal control valves come complete with multi-link rod connections for non-binding plunger movement and precise bilateral control.

Right-side tower drop-center design

The right-side assist tower features a multi-profile traveling drop-center tool which is used to hold stubborn sidewalls in the drop-center area of the wheel for quick, accurate movement. A single lower bead lifting disc can be used to unseat stubborn lower beads or to evaluate tires for tool placement. A power-drop top bead assist roller helps hold difficult top beads in place during the removal and installation of tough sidewall tires. These tools are essential for reducing the effort required to change difficult, low-profile tires while minimizing operator fatigue. The upright trigger control and articulating arm allow for variable tire and wheel configurations. A heavy-duty, tri-flange assist tower carriage features linear way bearings for maintenance-free operation.

Tilt-back tower design

Ranger utilizes a tilt-back tower design due to the fact that a tilt-back tower gives you more ground clearance, as well as an easier removal and inflation of tires. A pneumatically locked tool head will remain in place on the tower return when you’re using sets of tires and wheels. This means you’ll have a faster setup on your next job.

Advanced drive belt system

This tire changer’s drive belt is constructed with convex sidewalls which will structurally carry and disperse stress (wear) throughout the unit’s structure. Oil, weather, age, etc. will not affect belt performance. This is because the flex-bonded cords and flex-weave covers will protect the system at all times.

Stainless steel and aluminum pneumatic cylinders

The pneumatic cylinders keep the tire changer from overly vibrating, thereby reducing friction. This also ends up contributing to the long lifespan of the equipment. End-of-stroke cushions are included to extend the life of all the seals, and the wear band and piston rods. As an added bonus, the entire cylinder system is self-lubricating and will require little to no maintenance throughout the course of ownership.

Multi-function mount and demount head

The equi-dimensional shape of the hardened steel mount/demount head allows you to switch functions without needing to move the tool. The amazingly smooth surface gently glides tire beads during mounting/demounting while preventing expensive tire damage. Additionally, this tire changer comes standard with a nylon tool head. This durable tool will protect your customer’s expensive alloy rims and wheels from marring or damage when mounting.

Spring-assisted tool shaft

In an effort to minimize wheel damage, Ranger’s mount/demount tool heads feature hardened-steel horizontal outrigger support arms, in addition to a rigid 45mm spring-assisted hexagonal vertical tool shaft. These features come standard and will work to keep the tool head in the precise position you set it during service.

Guide bearings for all moving parts

Ranger spares no expense in providing the best product they can, which means even the small components are high-quality. The linear guide bearings make it easy to adjust both vertical and horizontal wheel settings. The horizontal arm’s hardened lower roller guide assists in maintaining an even-tempo for the arm’s oscillating movements. It even has sturdy rubber bump-stops which ensure a safe return during tilt-back operations and lessen shock loading. Wear is also minimal on tower guides and other moving parts.

Foot-controlled tire inflator

You’ll need both of your hands to operate a tire changer, and that’s why Ranger has developed an easy-to-use foot pedal tire inflator. A push-button air pressure dump valve is integrated into the unit, allowing you to release tire pressure as necessary.

TurboBlast™ bead seating

Ranger’s TurboBlast™ bead seating system will shoot a burst of air between the tire and rim, thus seating beads quickly without doing any damage to the tire structure. For a more controlled air discharge, the system also includes a nylon discharge barrel with a contoured tab that locks against the rim.

Motorcycle clamps (optional)

If you service motorcycles and are looking to expand your business, consider purchasing Ranger’s optional series of turntable clamps which have been specifically designed to handle motorcycle wheels and tires.

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