R745 Tire Changer / Swing Arm / 21″ Capacity

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Ranger’s R745 is the perfect tire changer for entry-level tire and wheel service. It’s great for when you need to perform rapid wheel service on most types of passenger wheels, as well as spare tires and trailer tires.

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The Fastest Wheel Service in the Business

Why would you spend extra for features you don’t need? You wouldn’t. The R745 is a basic tire changer, but it’s still extremely effective. This tire changer is perfect for gas stations, roadside tire shops, small personal operations, or just as a backup for your more specialized tire machine. The swing-arm design lets you load tires fast, and the steel clamps are ideal for passenger cars, daily commuters, spares, and trailer tires. Nothing fancy here, just what you need.

Only pay for what you need

Ranger’s R745 is a rigid tower tire machine which has been designed to handle the needs of heavy volume tire shops. A sturdy body, rigid 45mm hexagonal vertical shaft, and a hardened-steel horizontal outrigger support arm work together to eliminate flex during all tire service procedures to ultimately reduce the chance of accidentally damaging expensive wheels.

It also includes a supersized turntable which provides an internal clamping capacity of 21” and an external clamping capacity of 18”. With a long list of time-saving features, you’ll mount low-profile performance tires and wheels with little effort.

High-torque electric turntable

The R745 features faster operating speeds and reverse-direction control for easier tire swaps, this tire changer will end up reducing the risk of tire damage, especially for low-profile and run-flat beads that will need time to relax.

Enhanced bead breaker ​blade

This tire changer is equipped with an enhanced bead-breaker blade which features rugged box frame construction which increases the mechanical strength, as well as service life and overall performance. A large rubber bump-stop assures smooth return to help reduce shock loading and minimize wear on the pneumatic, guides and associated moving parts.

Forged steel foot pedal levers

All Ranger tire changers come standard with 100% forged steel foot pedals. This design choice makes it so the foot pedals remain remarkably lightweight, durable, and non-reactive with chemicals, liquids, and other inadvertent environmental elements. As the most exposed part of the tire changer, it’s important to Ranger to find the best possible material for your shop. Cast-iron pedals will require more maintenance, which is why Ranger chooses not to use it.

Sealed tight

One of the most important things to Ranger is to make sure that the internal workings of the tire changer are protected. Every main-lead electrical terminal, auxiliary switch, and motor enclosure is air-tight, dust-free, and completely safe from contamination.

High-pressure polyurethane pneumatic tubing

Ranger’s R745 tire changers come loaded with high-pressure polyurethane pneumatic tubing that’s constructed with a smooth, seamless bore to improve flow. The tire changer’s tubing boasts a high abrasion resistance, in addition to a high burst tolerance and total kink resistance.

Specially engineered drive-belt

The convex sidewalls on the R745’s drive-belt will evenly disperse wear. This means that the tire changer will last significantly longer in your shop since it has an improved belt support. Flex-bonded cords and flex-weave covers keep away contaminants and pollutants, such as water and oil, as well as things you can’t control, such as weather.

Maintenance-free gearbox

This tire changer has a hands-free gearbox, which means it will never need maintenance. It also has a massive oil and grease reservoir which results in improved heat dissipation and component lubrication. Internal baffles and a constant seating stress flange gasket ensure you’ll have positive, leak-free venting. Ranger prefers to use precision helical gears in their tire changers instead of using loud, clunky spur gear transmissions.

Upfront controls

Ranger keeps all of their tire changer controls upfront and logically arranged for both speed and ease-of-use.

Aluminum pneumatic cylinders

Ranger has optimized the stainless steel and aluminum pneumatic cylinders in order to keep machine vibration and friction levels low while at the same time extending the life of the tire changer. They’ve made sure that end-of-stroke cushions will come included on each cylinder, which will protect the seals, wear band, and piston rod. During use the cylinders are constantly lubricated, further lengthening the life of your unit. Just another reason why Ranger tire changers are so sought after in the industry.

Alloy steel mount & demount head

The equi-dimensional shape of the hardened steel mount/demount head allows you to switch functions without needing to move the tool. The amazingly smooth surface gently glides tire beads during mounting/demounting while preventing expensive tire damage. Additionally, this tire changer comes standard with a nylon tool head. This durable tool will protect your customer’s expensive alloy rims and wheels from marring or damage when mounting.

All the extras come standard

Ranger wants you to have what you need to clean, protect, and maintain your tire changer without having to spend more and go out of your way. That’s why when you purchase one of their tire changers you’ll receive a soap bucket, a brush, turntable jaw covers, bead-breaker blade boots, and mount/demount head covers. You won’t even have to worry about losing anything. You can store everything right in the tire changer itself, so you won’t have to waste time looking around the shop or ordering replacements for what you think you’ve lost. To keep swapping tires with the best of them, a steel tire iron and bead lever tool also come standard with your purchase of this tire changer. You’ll find it as an indispensable tool that every tire changer operator should be familiar with and capable of using during mount and demount procedures.

45mm spring assist hexagonal vertical tool shaft

In an effort to minimize wheel damage, Ranger’s mount/demount tool heads feature hardened-steel horizontal outrigger support arms, in addition to a rigid 45mm spring-assisted hexagonal vertical tool shaft. These features come standard and will work to keep the tool head in the precise position you set during service. The non-flex horizontal arm boasts a hardened lower roller guide for controlled, balanced movements.

Tire inflator features

It has never been easier to operate a pistol-type tire inflator. Sporting a sure-grip clip-on valve chuck, you’ll be able to perform full-function, hands-free operation.

Plenty of storage

Have your shop clean, calm, and ready for whatever may come your way. The R745 has the storage you’ll need to have all provided tools and accessories, as well as any other items you may want, nearby at all times while you’re working.

Optional motorcycle turntable clamps

If you’d like to service motorcycles, you’ll need a set of motorcycle clamps. These motorcycle clamps were specifically made for motorcycle wheel and tire sizes. They’re sturdy, reliable, and are sure to add versatility to your work efforts.

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