AutoStacker A6W

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6,000-lbs. Capacity / Parking Lift / Extra Wide

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Product Description

The extra-wide edition offers 8 more inches of width, making it easier to open vehicle doors and load vehicles on top. Like our standard-width model, the A6W offers a safe, easy way to store two vehicles in a single parking space.

Autostacker is compact, which lets it fit in tighter spaces with ease. The potential downside of this: There are precious few inches to open a vehicle door when a car is pulled front-first into the lower space. With 8 extra inches for door clearance, the A6W offers more space for ingress and egress.

Additionally, the A6W offers a more spacious environment for vehicle loading on the top-level platform. Lower-level vehicles will pull into an equally roomy parking space that is protected by Autostacker’s scissor superstructures. The extra-wide version of Autostacker remains an ideal home car lift for tight spaces and garages, and it lets homeowners maintain a clean, modern and sophisticated look to their garages.

Commercial Application of a Wider Lift

Commercial parking lots and valets need to be ready for anything: commuter sedans, trucks, SUVs, classics, exotics, etc. When space is limited and parking is tight, the only way to do that is with a string of parking lifts that can accommodate anything that comes their way. A wider lift offers commercial benefits to vehicles whether they’re raised on the platform or parked in the lower level.

The upper level provides more room for wide vehicles, and the lower level has arguably the best benefit of all: additional door clearance. The A6W makes it that much easier to get in and out of a lower-level parked vehicle. Even though Autostacker comes standard with built-in rubber door protectors, the extra space further reduces the chances of damaging a customer’s vehicle door.

Residential Application of a Wider Lift

Homeowners traditionally have a hard time finding a home car lift that checks all their boxes. A lift must be compact, safe, efficient, and protective of the vehicle. Many people who collect cars are not mechanics, so home parking lifts need to be easy to use and require minimal maintenance. And of course, lift owners need to be able to comfortably enter and exit their vehicles.

Low Maintenance

Autostacker is built with uncompromisingly high-quality materials and rigorous engineering standards, and it could not be simpler to use. The A6W option is wider than the original Autostacker, so the full-length, galvanized and drip-proof loading platform is more accommodating for wide-body vehicles. There are no cables to replace or maintain, so the simplicity of the lift design means there’s more time with zero scheduled maintenance.

Extra-Wide Autostacker Still Saves Space

Nothing could be more disappointing than measuring your vehicles only to find out they’re just a bit too wide to fit on your Autostacker. It’s equally frustrating when exiting wider vehicles and finding it’s a difficult squeeze to get out. You want to save space, or you won’t be able to fit a lift in your garage, but you can’t do so at the expense of basic functionality.

The A6W smartly balances the need to save space with the need to fit wider vehicles. With the standard-size Autostacker is just about the size of a parking space, our extra-wide model is just slightly larger, but it makes a world of difference. Your parking lift will still fit in most home and commercial environments, and it still offers our patented completely collapsible design that promises maximum versatility, safety and ease-of-use.


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Lifting Capacity
6,000 lbs. (2,722 kg)
Overall Width
111″ (2,815 mm)

Overall Length
143″ (3,630 mm)

Platform Length
124″ (3,150 mm)

Platform Width
91.75″ (2,331 mm)

Platform Height (forward)
13″ (330 mm)

Ramp Height (entry)
2″ (51 mm)

Maximum Underclearance
80″ (2,032 mm)

Standard – Power Unit Console
Single unit operation
Motor horsepower: 2HP
Power consumption: 1,500 Watts
Motor voltage: 208-240V, 50/60Hz / 1Ph
Starting amps: 25A
Normal running amps: 12-18A
Optional – Multi-Unit Power Unit Console
Operates up to 12 lifts
Motor horsepower: 7.5 HP
Power consumption: 5,600 Watts
Motor voltage: 208-230V/460 VAC, 50/60Hz / 3Ph
Starting amps 208-230V: 25A
Normal running amps 208-230V: 12-18A
Starting amps 460V: 10A
Normal running amps 460V: 6-9A
Special voltages available upon request.

Five Locking Heights
First (Lowest): 52.5″ (1,331 mm)
Second: 60.75″ (1,543 mm)
Third: 68.5″ (1,736 mm)
Fourth: 75″ (1,909 mm)
Fifth (Highest): 81.25″ (2,064 mm)

Speed of Rise
Standard power unit console (110V): 75 seconds
Standard power unit console (220V): 55 seconds
Optional multi-unit power unit console: 20 seconds

52 db

Shipping Weight
3,650 lbs. (1,656 kg.)

-Right side scissors superstructure
-Left side scissors superstructure
-Front wheel trough
-Ramp assembly with logo plate
-Lower front tie-bar
-Galvanized decking sections
-Front tire stops
-Power unit control console
-Complete assembly parts package including all fasteners, hoses, fittings & anchor bolts
-Model A6W Installation Guide and Operation Manual