AutoStacker A6S

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6,000-lbs. Capacity / Parking Lift / Standard Width

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Product Description

With the strength to handle loads up to 6,000 lbs. and the minimal standard-width footprint necessary for a home garage lift, the A6S is the perfect garage parking lift for any home or shop owner.

The revolutionary Autostacker™ A6S parking lift reflects our continuing commitment to design and deliver innovative vehicle storage solutions that offer only the highest value to our customers. The space-saving design means you can now stack one vehicle above another in the same space typically required for a single parking stall. With the strength to handle loads up to 6,000 pounds and a footprint considerably smaller than other mechanical parking systems, the A6S delivers more parking capability space per square inch than any other lift in its class. Despite Autostacker’s overall compact design, it provides a generous 85” of underside clearance. Benefiting from the knowledge of BendPak’s vast automotive experience, Autostacker has applied many of the same technologies to its family of commercial vehicle parking systems. Thanks to Autostacker’s auto-synchronizing power system and simple operator controls, more versatility and greater reliability are achieved.

Only the Autostacker offers your operation the flexibility of using a compact, vertical lifting platform to double your car or truck parking capability literally overnight, either indoors or outside. Our innovative design uses tandem direct-drive hydraulic cylinders that are smartly concealed within paired scissors structures that act as the lifting muscle for the full-length galvanized platform. Every Autostacker that rolls off our assembly line incorporates materials and operating components that are of the highest quality, skillfully designed to match our pedigree for ruggedness and dependability. Combined with BendPak’s tradition of rugged and reliable construction and the Autostacker’s innovative engineering, it’s easy to see why Autostacker is America’s premier provider of vehicle storage solutions.

Optional Removable Deck Panels

Love the Autostacker but worry that it isn’t made for maintenance? Worry no more! Now you can easily replace four of the standard galvanized deck sections with this useful welded-steel sub-frame assembly. Removable aluminum center panel provides a large 51.5″ x 30″ opening and features an attractive diamond-plate design. Add one or up to three replacement kits for a totally open-center parking lift experience.

Simple, Dependable Operation

The operator power console features simple ergonomic controls that are crafted with the user’s well-being in mind. A dependable hydraulic drive system provides reliable power that requires very little service and maintenance over time. Tandem drive cylinders, combined with an intelligent hydraulic circuit, balance the hydraulic pressure accurately between the twin lifting cylinders for precise, equalized lifting of the platform. Removable covers provide easy access for simple routine maintenance and service.


Our promise to deliver a safe parking lift is the most important commitment we make in order to earn your trust and ensure your absolute satisfaction. As part of our commitment to operator care, we incorporate the highest level of security features into every lift we build. Our standard power console features include the following: key-switch disconnect provides an additional measure of security against operator tampering; emergency stop button disables lift at any time; warning light and audible alarm indicate when the lift is in operation; automatic safety latches and locking systems that engage continuously as the lift rises; lowering systems that require two-hand operation; ergonomic placement of operator controls; and of course, all control systems are within safe reach for easy shut-off when the lift is in use. The waist-height control panel also includes full-faced, simple-to-read instructions with pictographs that outline easy set-up and operation, including descriptive safety and operator warnings. From its secure key-lock safety switch and easy to understand operator controls and its smart control layout, operators will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to safely operate.

Autostacker provides helpful manuals and publications that are made available through your Autostacker dealer. Maintenance and parts manuals, as well as operator manuals, can be ordered using the serial number found on your lift. If you have never used a mechanical parking system or would like details about providing a training program for your work or commercial business, ask your Autostacker dealer about training options.

Value-Driven Design

Consider how Autostacker’s small footprint and virtually flush base frame design allows for tighter turning and increased maneuverability making vehicle positioning on and under the lift a whole lot easier. Unlike other surface mounted parking lifts with multiple columns, elevated outrigger tubes and large equalizing bars, only the Autostacker with none of these hindering elements allows for precise vehicle maneuvering in even the most confined areas of your garage space or operation.

The versatility of the Autostacker car parking system makes it the right lift for several reasons. To start with, it is ready to tackle demanding indoor or outdoor use even on asphalt surfaces and it offers the perfect solution for safely storing cars, trucks and SUV’s inside your garage or vehicle storage facility. And if that weren’t enough, these rugged auto parking lifts increase the value of your property. When you realize just how many ways the innovative and truly unique Autostacker can benefit your operation, you’ll discover the true value that only Autostacker can provide. Only Autostacker gives you two spaces in one for less than any other comparable option.

Because it is smartly designed using a simple and commercially tested hydraulic power system, it not only delivers a smooth and more controlled operation, but it dramatically decreases the amount of maintenance and service costs that plague typical mechanically operated systems with chains, cables and complicated electronics. When you combine these benefits with the Autostacker’s optional master power unit capable of powering up to ten lifts on a single motor, this will likely be the most versatile parking lift you’ll soon come to love.

Rapid rise and descent speeds are delivered through a dependable hydraulic circuit that provides precise, equalized lifting without the need for complicated electronics that often fail when subjected to high-use and soiled or damp work environments. With the simple press of a button, your vehicle is elevated and an added parking space is instantly created. No more parking outdoors or cramming into undesirable parking spaces. It’s just that easy.

Vehicle Security & Protection

Want the ultimate in security against vandalism and vehicle theft? Park your car almost eight feet in the air! Many of our clients appreciate the added value of parking their car up and out of the way, clear of everyday threats and chance occurrences that plague defenseless cars left idle in their surroundings. Maybe you’re one who adores cats but hates finding unsightly paw prints all over your car; maybe unruly animals are treating your sparkling clean wheels as their own personal urinal; perhaps your car has taken on a secondary role as your kids’ backstop. In any case, whatever your car parking phobia may be, you’ll be instantly relieved when you realize your vehicle is parked high and out of range of kids, pets, and vandals.

Vehicles parked below the Autostacker are protected by a barrier that prevents nearby swinging car doors from making contact with your car; it also protects your prized possessions against scratches, dings and dents often caused by toys, bikes, trashcans or other property being carelessly hauled through garage aisles. Without the advantage of wrap-around perimeter protection, your vehicle can be easily dented, a common occurrence in parking spaces everywhere. In both home garages and commercial settings, the Autostacker acts as vehicle sentry, guarding against the calamities of typical garage chaos and clutter.

Low-Profile, Full-Width Deck

The Autostacker features our patent-pending, low-profile, gradual sloping lift platform. This somewhat insignificant-sounding feature plays a very significant role when it comes to driving on and off the lift platform. While most other car lifts feature a level deck with an aggressively angled entry ramp, we’ve purposefully designed the Autostacker with a full-width, gradually sloping platform that reduces the height at the approach end, making vehicle entry and exit an easy, pain-free affair. With a barely noticeable incline of just 5 degrees, Autostacker easily accommodates Corvettes, Porsches, Vipers, Mustangs, BMWs, Ferraris and other high-performance cars with wide tires and/or low ground clearance.

Cushioned Door Protection

Autostacker’s patented Door-sentry™ car door protectors include a full-length design that accommodates a wide variety of door types, shapes and heights. Regardless of whether your car doors sit high or low, if they’re opened up quickly and carelessly, Autostacker’s impact-cushioning door guards are ready to protect them from dings, scratches and dents. By providing this extra level of security, the Autostacker gives you peace of mind, protecting your car when you can’t.


Our commitment to quality is uncompromised. Our dedication to taking your parking challenges to the next level extends well beyond the physical reach of our products. Our advanced yet simple design enables our lifts to perform effortlessly and tirelessly, year after year, with very little maintenance or service required. After all, we can’t expect you to be a parking lift expert—that’s our job. Featuring rugged, welded steel construction, very few moving parts and an uncomplicated fluid power system, the hydromechanical Autostacker offers the most economical and dependable method of lifting to deliver you many years of trouble-free service.

Workplace Environmental Responsibility

Firm in our commitment to deliver a more comfortable environment for the operator and those in the surrounding area, a whispering 52 decibels means Autostacker parking lifts are less noisy than a typical household appliance. Our passion for providing an enjoyable environment for the operator extends beyond low noise levels. Ergonomic controls, mitigated trip hazards and extra tall lifting height means increased operator safety and headroom and comfort providing more productivity.


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Lifting Capacity
6,000 lbs. (2,722 kg)

Overall Width
103″ (2,620 mm)

Overall Length
143″ (3,630 mm)

Platform Length
124″ (3,150 mm)

Platform Width
83.75″ (2,128 mm)

Platform Height (forward)
13″ (330 mm)

Ramp Height (entry)
2″ (51 mm)

Maximum Underclearance
80″ (2,032 mm)

Standard – Power Unit Console
Single unit operation
Motor horsepower: 2HP
Power consumption: 1,500 Watts
Motor voltage: 208-240V, 50/60Hz / 1Ph
Starting amps: 25A
Normal running amps: 12-18A

Five Locking Heights
First (Lowest): 52.5″ (1,331 mm)
Second: 60.75″ (1,543 mm)
Third: 68.5″ (1,736 mm)
Fourth: 75″ (1,909 mm)
Fifth (Highest): 81.25″ (2,064 mm)

Speed of Rise
Standard power unit console (110V): 75 seconds
Standard power unit console (220V): 55 seconds
Optional multi-unit power unit console: 20 seconds
52 db

Shipping Weight
3,350 lbs. (1,530 kg.)

-Right side scissors superstructure
-Left side scissors superstructure
-Front wheel trough
-Ramp assembly with logo plate
-Lower front tie-bar
-Galvanized decking sections
-Front tire stops
-Power unit control console
-Complete assembly parts package including all fasteners, hoses, fittings & anchor bolts
-Model A6S Installation Guide and Operation Manual